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Dear Clients,

The Kleanthis Savva Home Center, located in the centre of Paphos, has just one aim - to make life easier and more comfortable for our clients.  The Home Center has everything you need for your new home.  There is a wide range of furnishings to choose from to help you create the perfect finish to your “dream” home.

You can choose from a wide variety of fabrics and curtain designs, with the option to have matching blinds, bedspreads & rugs. You are able to have anything you would like made-up to your specific requirements or you can choose from our ready made range. All measurements and installation will be handled for you. At the same time as you choose your furnishings, you can also pick your white goods, such as fridge/freezer, oven, or washing machine etc.  We have a wide range of appliances for you to choose from. and  all our electrical goods come with a 1 year Guarantee and are installed free of charge.


With Kind Regards

Kleanthis Savva Group

In the news

Paphos Marina

Paphos Marina is set to go ahead for construction in 2016 and will be one of the largest projects for Cyprus which will attract thousands of visitors each year.


Paphos has all the necessary requirements such as tourist flow, high quality visitors and the infrastructure to operate a casino.

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